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    Tosia the jellyfish – free crochet pattern

    Some time ago my friends asked me if I could crochet a kitty cat for their younger daughter. I thought “why not? another WIP, yeah!”. I found a wonderful Frida the friendly cat pattern at Michelle’s Bunnies and Yarn and made a choice of yarn from my enormous stash. And then, when the time came and I started to crochet, I thought it would be nice to make something for the elder girl as well. This is how I created Tosia the jellyfish. A crochet pattern available below. TOSIA THE JELLYFISH – FREE CROCHET PATTERN A few words before you start reading. I made this in two evening but were…

  • Projekty

    Lola Tote Bag – crochet pattern

    I am proud to present you with my first Lola Tote Bag crochet pattern! This georgous tote bag idea came to life for three reasons: 1. Rabbit Rescue in Toruń needed some cool things for their auction during their Open Day in August. Everyone who knows me will tell you I’m pretty head over the heels with da fluff! This is because my very own Lola the bunny was rescued by the girls at the recue and, therefore, I am forever greatful for having her (being the gnome and bunny diva she is) in my life. Therefore, why not call the project by her name? They’re both cute and are…

  • snuggle bunny pillow

    Snuggle Bunny Pillow – how I made it

    Everyone who knows me, knows that since I have adopted my bunny Lola from the Rabbit Rescue in Toruń, I’m mad about bunny rabbits. Which means that everything that has a bunny tail and ears is potentially interesting for m. Even the projects I take up have in majority a lot to do with that fantastic species. The vast majority of my handmade items (also the Snuggle Bunny Pillow) goes to charity auctions for  abandoned rabbits through Marchewlove Pole.  It is a project that I participate in with a few crazy wonderful people. But enough about that. Snuggle Bunny Pillow pattern Some time ago I found All About Ami blog and their…

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