snuggle bunny pillow

Snuggle Bunny Pillow – how I made it

Everyone who knows me, knows that since I have adopted my bunny Lola from the Rabbit Rescue in Toruń, I’m mad about bunny rabbits. Which means that everything that has a bunny tail and ears is potentially interesting for m. Even the projects I take up have in majority a lot to do with that fantastic species.
The vast majority of my handmade items (also the Snuggle Bunny Pillow) goes to charity auctions for  abandoned rabbits through Marchewlove Pole.  It is a project that I participate in with a few crazy wonderful people.
But enough about that.

Snuggle Bunny Pillow pattern

Some time ago I found All About Ami blog and their Snuggle Bunny Pillow pattern and thought: why not? I had some excess Yarn Art Dolce in white and decided to take up on this project with the supplies I already had.
The first version I made turned out a weeeee bit funny but cute. I did many things at my own thought. Never bothered to check if I sew all the parts on correctly. The effect was like the bunny had a squint :D.
So my decision was to leave it for myself. But there was a need and I put it on auction (it finally found its new owner, yeay!). I received an offer from one of the buyers that I should make it in black. She would bid it. So I did and she was the highest bid! Win – win right?
I made this Snuggle Bunny Pillow once again. This time it turned out as gorgeous as in All About Ami website.
I used Yarn Art Dolce in black, a 7 mm hook for the pillow and ears and Yarn Art Jeans in black, pink and grey and a 3 mm hook for the details. I have some thought on the process:

A few thoughts on my yarns of choice...

  1. The yarn is thick so the work proceeded quickly.
  2. The hook size was ok but I will never use a plastic hook on this yarn again. I hated the squeeking sound it made (What? Every one has got their own pet peeves…)
  3. The poliester sheath of the yarn divides and comes off easily, so squeezing the magic ring was a challenge. Also unstitching was challenging (hey, everyone makes mistakes, right?), as you need to be careful not to break the thread.  
  4. Sewing on the details was tricky. Since Yarn Art Dolce is fluffy (it’s a similar yarn to Himalaya Dolphin Baby), it is easy to miss the thread.
  5. Despite al the challenges it was worth it. The pillow came out nice and fluffy and cuddly and its new owner is in love with it!
I took some photos during the process, have a look, try yourself and leave a comment!

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