Lola Tote Bag – crochet pattern

I am proud to present you with my first Lola Tote Bag crochet pattern!

This georgous tote bag idea came to life for three reasons:

1. Rabbit Rescue in Toruń needed some cool things for their auction during their Open Day in August.

Everyone who knows me will tell you I’m pretty head over the heels with da fluff! This is because my very own Lola the bunny was rescued by the girls at the recue and, therefore, I am forever greatful for having her (being the gnome and bunny diva she is) in my life. Therefore, why not call the project by her name? They’re both cute and are my firsts! 🙂

2. I really really wanted to try out the alpine stitch.

I have been scanning through Pinterest for a while in search of interesting stitches and patterns and there it came up! I fell in love with it, because it is simple and gives you such texture… Even the frontpost double crochet doesn’t seem to be an issue here, so if you are a little off with it, this project will be a great opportunity to practise!

3. I got some beautiful emerald coloured macrame cord...
Well, I am a yarn stasher. Sometimes I think about getting some professional help about stashing my yarn (if you know what I mean), as my hubby only raises his brows at numerous yarn deliveries. But hey! Crochet is my therapy and this time I used yarn that was supposed to be used on another project that didn’t succeed (booo hooo). A win-win for me 😛
So, long story short – Lola Tote Bag, everyone! (Polish version available here).
  • 3 skeins of 2 mm macrame cord in your favourite colour
  • 5.0 mm crochet hook
  • scissors
  • a stitch marker
  • your chosen strap (optional)
  • some lining (optional)
This is written in US. terms
ch. – chain
st – stitch
dc – double crochet
inc. – 2 dc in 1 st
blo – back loop only
fpdc – frontpost double crochet
sc -single crochet
esc – extended single crochet
slst – slip stitch
() – the number of stitches at the end of the round
** x … – repeat x times stitches between*
f/o – fasten off
1. 3 ch is not counted as dc through out the whole work. I usually avoid them, so I do faux double crochets.
2. If a round starts with a dc, it should end with fpdc and otherwise.  
3. In round 28 those 3 ch are called a picot. They are the loops for your strap and they are optional. 
4. 14 ch in round 27 are for the bag handles. You may adjust their length to your needs/liking. 
5. You may do the strap with any technique and put lobster locks on it. If you don’t want a strap – you don’t have to make it.
The bottom
30 ch
R. 1 – 3 ch., dc. in 4th ch from the hook; 1 dc in next 28 ch; 6 dc in the last ch; 1 dc in next 28 back loops of ch; 5 dc in the first ch; slst; (68)
R. 2 – 3 ch., dc. in the same st as ch; 1 dc in next 28 st; 6 dc in the last ch; 1 dc in next 28 st; *inc* x 6; 1 dc in next 28 back loops of ch; *inc.* x 5; slst; (80)
R. 3 – 3 ch., dc. in the same st as ch; inc x 1; 1 dc in next 26 ch; *inc* x 7; 1 dc in next 26 st; *inc.* x 5; 1 dc in the first stitch; slst; (104)
The bag, not fastening off:
R. 4 – 3 ch., dcblo in the same st; 1 dc in each st x 103; slst; (104)
R. 5 – 3 ch., dc. in the same st as ch; *fpdc; dc*x 51; fpdc; slst (104)
R. 6 – 3 ch., fpdc. in the same st as ch; *dc; fpdc*x 51; dc; slst (104)
R. 7 – 26 – repeat rounds 5-6
R. 27 – 1 ch., sc. in the same st as ch; *esc; sc*x 6; 14 ch.; skip 8 st; *sc; esc* x 22; 14ch.; skip 8 st; *esc, sc*x 16; slst (104)
R. 28 – slst in next 11 st; sc in each 14 ch; slst in each next st. x 22; 3 ch; slst in each next st x 22; sc in next 14 ch; , slst in each next st x 22; 3 ch; slst in each next st. x 10; slst. 
f/o, weave in ends 
Now you can sew in some lining and attach the strap. You may also decorate the bag with a tassel or a pompom.
A graph:
Torba Lola - wzór na szydełko

And a pdf version for printing:

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